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Visual Identification System

Visual System

Based on our products, we offer you a system that makes it easier for customers to move around your premises.
The system is based on the LXFRAME014 flat LED display. We make displays with interchangeable printed boards in sizes from 200x40mm to 2000x1000mm, the dimension stroke is 40mm in the line of LED lighting.
The product is characterized by a thickness of 12.5mm, the width of the viewing angle (170 deg.) And the fidelity of reproducing the image of the product.

It is possible to apply prints on 0.5-1.5mm thick materials. The durable design allows you to exchange printouts yourself.

The ability to adjust the power of lighting to the needs (lighting of one, two or four edges)



dimensions max. 2000 x 1200 mm

LED backlight: standard 8000K (cold white) or CCT 3000K (warm white). There is a possibility of backlighting in other shades of white CCT 2700-12000K or selected colors (RED, GREEN, BLUE, AMBER, others)

The heat removal system used enables long, trouble-free operation of LED diodes (up to 50,000 h), LM-80 test,

Power supply: standard 12VDC, using power adapters adapted to the dimensions (number of LEDs) of the advertisement. It is possible to use other supply voltages eg 5VDC, 24VDC and others.

Power consumption approx.10 in / m with one-sided lighting and 20W / m with two-sided backlight.

We offer a product with a professional imprint in screen printing technology or digital UV printing from the inside (this protects the product from damage and scratches). The applied paints guarantee a 5-year exposure period with no visible color changes (screen printing)

Declaration of conformity CE.

Energy saving